Anna and Troy – A Sunny Kensington Pre-Wedding Shoot

This gorgeous pair, Anna and Troy are from California and were visiting London for the first time, passing through to a wedding in France. They met up with talented Leanne Jade Photography for this perfectly sunny Kensington pre-wedding shoot ahead of their wedding day later this year in Napa Valley.

I’m absolutely loving these images, Anna and Troy are having such a lot of fun discovering the city and the backdrop of sunny Kensington and it’s variety of stunning architecture, pretty painted shutters, cobbled alleyways and greenery makes for such a beautiful setting. These images are very endearing and Leanne has so perfectly captured how in love they are!

Let me hand you over now to beautiful bride to be Anna to tell you a bit more about how she and Troy met;

Couple outside sunny kensington street
anna smiling at troy
couple strolling down london street
couple laughing

A few months after I moved to San Francisco in 2012, my girlfriend and I found ourselves with a spare bedroom. We listed it on craigslist and decided to do something a bit more fun and have a little “BYOB” party for all applicants. We invited our friends to the party, had a “sign in sheet” and started interviewing. After a fun filled Saturday with lots of conversation, new faces, and a few too many drinks we found ourselves with a still very empty bedroom.

The following day, Troy knocked on the door. He was a day late for the party but never had better timing. He moved in later that month. The three of us became very close friends. Troy and I would stay up late chatting about life and love. It was not until a year after he moved in that we started dating….we have been together ever since.

Engaged couple pre-wedding shoot in London
Anna looking at Troy
troy looking at Anna
Troy kissing Anna's hand in Kensington pre-wedding shoot

I took a work trip to Tahoe in April of 2016 and Troy asked if he could join. On the drive back to San Francisco he suggested we take a little hike and it was on that hike overlooking a gorgeous lake, that he asked me to marry him. He is my very best friend and love of my life!!

The engagement shoot was on one of our first international trips together – we were on our way to France for a wedding and Troy had to work in London for a week so I joined. I had never been to London and was soooo excited to explore. We spent a lovely few days in the city and Leanne was kind enough to offer us a shoot.

couple stood outside red garage doors
couple walking down cobbled alleyway
Anna and Troy walking towards Leanne

Troy sourced the diamond from a friend in NYC and then found a jeweler in SF. I had mentioned that I love ovals and so he went with that shape and designed the ring himself. He then had them hand engraved with linnea flowers (my middle name/mothers name/Swedish flower) along both sides of the metal.

Leanne Jade Photography
Couple kissing
Couple embracing

On the drive back to San Francisco he suggested we take a little hike and it was on that hike overlooking a gorgeous lake, that he asked me to marry him. He is my very best friend and love of my life!!

Anna and Troy under the arches

We absolutely LOVED hanging with Leanne – she is the damn best!! We think about the shoot all the time and feel so lucky to have had the vacation, Leanne’s availability, and incredible weather all work out in our favor. Watching Troy be a bit goofy and have as much fun with it as I did was pretty awesome! We loved the whole afternoon!!!

Anna in Kensington
Troy in Kensington
Troy and Anna

My advice for others……It is always awkward having your photograph taken but I think the best thing you can do is a) choose a great photographer (Leanne!!!) b) not take it too seriously, have fun with it! c) a glass of wine or two before doesn’t hurt!

troy and anna embracing Leanne Jade Photography
Troy and Anna

Thank you so much to Anna and Troy for sharing their wonderful pre-wedding shoot with Adored Bride, wishing you both a fabulous wedding day later this year. We’d absolutely love to see the images of your big day too.

Huge thanks also to the lovely Leanne of Leanne Jade Photography for these images, make sure you pop over to her website and take a look at her stunning work;

with love

Photographer – Leanne Jade Photography

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